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The chart showing Høyde series, Stigning series.
Summary data for selected climb
1421 Aurland-Nalfarhøgda
Altitude at start10
Altitude at top1315
Altitude gain (m)1305
Length (kms)16,00
Gradient Average %8,16
Time (min,sec)81,23
Calories used (Kcal)1266
Speed average12,1
Time, speed and calories used are estimated for cyclist of 75 kg - moving at an average power of 250 watts.

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Description of selected climb
One of the very hardest and most scenic climbs in Norway. Starting at sea level in Aurland - and reaching the top of Nalfarhøgda at 1300 m above sea after 16,5 kms. Beautiful views of the fiords along the climb. Barren mountain at the top. Very steady climb at 7-8 per cent gradient. Mostly touristic traffic. Good surfaced road all the way. Open from end of May/beginning of June until mid October. After the top road crosses in wild and barren mountain - before dropping down to Lærdal at the other side (see climb Lærdal-Aurland).

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