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presents a selection of bicycle climbs in Norway. You find:
Profile of climbs - with data on altitude, slope and length
Ranking of climbs
Comparison with international climbs
StreetViews from Google.
RoadMaps from Microsoft Bing maps.
Site is under construction - and will be extended in 2014.
Cycling-Norway is inspired by a passion for struggling up and down the well-known climbs from Tour the France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta Espania. And by the ever returning question: Do we have climbs like these in Norway?
The answer is yes - as you will see from the comparisons under Ranking Climbs.
So get inspired - you don't have to go to France...

Graphs showing altitude in red area - and percentage slope in blue bars at bottom. Observe that scale of x-axis changes according to length of climb - and altitude along y-axis changes according to height of climb. So graphs can not be used to compare steepness of climbs.
Data for distance and altitude are measured partly using barometric/gps  on-site measurements and partly using maps measurements.
Data for international climbs are partly taken from the books "Mountain high" and "Mountain higher" by Daniel Friebe and Pete Golding - and partly by data from official Tour de France profiles etc. And some are supplemented by own on-site measurements...

We have made a selection of StreetViews for each climb. You will find the link to StreetViews from the profiles page. StreetViews are made thanks to Google. StreetViews are panoramic and live. You can move around by dragging the pictures - and you can move up and down the road by clicking - or by moving the little mapman in the miniature maps.
You can go to full page StreetViews by clicking the link "Larger View" below the picture or - if you are running a PC - by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner of the picture.
Google does not drive everywhere - so some climbs have only limited views. And: Google is driving during winter as well - so for some climbs you will find roads covered in snow...

From the profiles you will also find links to roadmaps of the selected climb. Roadmaps are taken from Microsofts Bing maps.
You can zoom in and out to have different level of detail and perspective. You can hide the left navigation pane and have a larger map by clicking the "FullScreen" symbol above the map. And you can also toggle between RoadView and LandscapeView by clicking buttons at left above the map.

Power and Speed
In the summary data for each climb you will find estimates of average speed, time and calories used. These estimates are made for "a standard cyclist" moving at an average power of 250 watts - with 75 kg body weight + 10 kg bike weight. That makes for a power of 3,33 watts per kg body weight.
In this way climbs can be compared also by average speed, climbing time and calories used.
However, we have included a page where you can make your own estimates - based on your own weight, power etc.
Link is found at the the bottom of every profiles page.

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