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The chart showing Høyde series, Stigning series.
Summary data for selected climb
Passo di Stelvio ( North)
Altitude at start950
Altitude at top2758
Altitude gain (m)1808
Length (kms)24,30
Gradient Average %7,44
Time (min,sec)114,38
Calories used (Kcal)1786
Speed average12,7
Time, speed and calories used are estimated for cyclist of 75 kg - moving at an average power of 250 watts.

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Description of selected climb
Long, tough and scenic. The north side of Passo di Stelvio greats you with 1808 altitude meters. The road runs through a total of 48 numbered hairpin switchbacks. First 8 kms at more moderate gradients. Last 10 kms at between 8 and 9 per cent. For the last 7 kms you have open views to the top - and the about 20 hairpins ahead - grinding up barren mountain side. On sunny summer days you won't be alone. For many - Passo di Stelvio north is a once in a lifetime challenge. Good but narrow roads. Mostly touristic traffic - treating struggling cyclists with due respect. Open June-October. At the other side roads drops down to Bormio at 1225 meter above sea. From Bormio you can go for a return to Stelvio - or head for the Passo di Gavia at an altitude of 2621 meter. Your choice…

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